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Jon & John
New York Marathon

Running for Mental Health Awareness

The stigma of mental illness is lifting but still, so many people don't know where to get support. 

John and Jon plan to run the iconic New York Marathon in November 2022 bringing together grassroots charities from both sides of the pond.

John and Jon are good friends and have both been bereaved by suicide having lost close family members. Jon also struggled with his mental health in his early 20s and ended up sectioned in hospital after having a breakdown.

When John lost his sister in 2016 to suicide, they decided they had to do something and that was to run the London Marathon as part of the HeadsTogether mental health campaign created by Duke, Duchess Cambridge, and Prince Harry. 

John and Jon went on to raise thousands of pounds and spoke publicly to the media to raise awareness.

With John now living in America, and five years since the London marathon they wanted to do something to showcase the amazing charities they met along the way and raise some more money.


Are you a charity, organisation or school that would like to get involved? John and Jon are open to ideas to raise funds and awareness to reach the widest number of people. Please contact us using the form below.

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