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I guess it’s time to train... 100 Days To Go!

When you sign up for a marathon it always feels like it’s forever away.  Then suddenly your friend Jon reminds you it’s 100 days until the TCS New York Marathon... It's time to panic!

John from John and Jon in New York

The good news on the training front is that I run almost every day so have a pretty good base but I probably haven’t run more than 7 or 8 miles in one go for a while.  Those longer runs take more focused motivation.

Jon and John live about 4000 miles apart these days (I’m in the US now) so it’s difficult for us to do our training runs together. 

Luckily we have both found friends that are running other marathons in a similar time frame so that will help us get prepared.

Often I will go for long runs on Saturday morning and listen to the different Premier league games and it is amazing how quickly time can pass except for when my team Everton is playing when time seems to drag!

I know one thing for sure the training will be easier the more encouragement we get from our friends and I know you will be cheerings us on over the next 100 days.   

John and Jon have both lost family members to suicide and will be running the 2022 TCS New York City Marathon on Sunday 6th November raising awareness and funds for Samaritans NYC.

Every dollar or pound you donate will go to fund the life-saving work of the Samaritans 24-hour suicide prevention hotline.


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